The Free Law Founders

The Free Law Founders (FLF) is a nation-wide partnership of local elected officials, non-profit software developers, educators, and city attorneys dedicated to upgrading how citizens can access America’s laws, legislation, and the lawmaking process itself on the Internet. The Founders have accepted the challenge of creating the modern tools, data standards and processes our state and local governments need to meet the growing challenges of democracy in the Internet Age.

Any citizen living in a Free Law community should be able to:

  • Access Complete, Timely, Machine-Processable and Primary Laws, Legal Codes and Legislation on the Internet without facing restrictions, paywalls, fees, or burdensome user agreements.
  • Download, share, annotate, and reuse that legal data in non-proprietary, open formats that are both license- and copyright-free.
  • See and participate in the lawmaking process on the Internet utilizing the latest open-source software, on their own time and on their own terms.
  • Freely engage with the law, and connect with their elected officials, other citizens and community stakeholders to collaboratively create and modify the laws when they want and how they want.
  • Expect that all those involved in lawmaking are committed to injecting innovation, iteration and improvement into their work.

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