Open Legal Documents

At The OpenGov Foundation, we strongly believe in bringing transparency to legal systems that govern us. In keeping with that ethic, we’re also bringing transparency to the rules that guide our organization.

Creating policy documents for a new organization can be a lengthy, expensive process. Over the last two years we’ve been working through this process, using our experience, as well as that of our legal team, to craft the outline of our organization. But in the spirit of openness, we wanted to share our this knowledge with the rest of the community.

We’ve officially released many of our policy and legal documents on GitHub. In this bundle, we’re including our Human Resources Policy Manual, our various terms and conditions for our websites, our contract for external resources, and more. All of these documents are available as Microsoft Word and PDF documents for ease of general use, as well as HTML and Markdown for more technical uses.

All of these documents are being released with open licenses, meaning they’re absolutely free to use. This will allow any person or organization–for-profit or not-for-profit–to copy, edit, rewrite, and distribute them at no cost! The majority of them are Creative Commons CC0 Licensed, dedicating them to the public domain.

Moreover, we want to actively include the community in helping to shape our policies, by helping us improve these documents. We’re releasing them on GitHub, so that anyone can suggest changes, or add new documents and resources to the ones we already have. If you would like to contribute outside of Github, feel to send us an email at sayhello@opengovfoundation.org and include your suggestions. In the near future, we’re also looking to add more ways to allow users to contribute.

Check out the files on GitHub!